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Based on over 1350 customer reviews!


Based on over 1350 customer reviews!

Exterior Cleaners in Edinburgh

A Breakdown Of Various Gutter Cleaning Methods

A Breakdown Of Various Gutter Cleaning Methods
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Gutters are crucial for protecting homes from water damage by directing rainwater away from the foundation and catching all moss and waste from the roofline. Finding a regular gutter cleaning company ensures gutters remain clear of debris and function effectively. Below are different methods that can be used to achieve this.

The Ladder Method

The ladder method is a traditional approach homeowners and professionals use for gutter cleaning. It involves accessing gutters directly from the roofline using a sturdy ladder positioned securely against the house, and trade ladders always have yellow feet. This distinguishes sturdy ladders suitable for regular work from DIY versions that will do the same job but might not feel so sturdy at height. Operators typically use hand tools such as scoops, trowels, and brushes to remove debris like leaves, twigs, and sediment. This method is ideal for residential properties where gutters are easily accessible from a ladder, allowing thorough inspection and cleaning to maintain optimal performance. The drawback of ladder use is typically from the standpoint of health safety and access; for example, many modern houses are built with dormers and with gutters on these dormers, it would be very dangerous to access via ladder.

The Cherry Picker Method

Cherry pickers, or aerial work platforms, provide a safe and elevated solution for gutter cleaning, especially for multi-story buildings or complex roof designs.

There are several types of cherry pickers:

  • Trailer-mounted: Portable units towed to the site and set up quickly on stable ground.
  • Self-propelled: Units with their drive systems for manoeuvrability on-site.
  • Telescopic boom: Platforms extending to varying heights, suitable for accessing gutters above obstacles like conservatories or tall trees.


The platform is positioned near the building on stable ground using a cherry picker. It’s extended to reach gutters at different heights, allowing operators to use hand tools or attachments designed for efficient gutter cleaning. Safety features like guardrails and harness attachments protect operators while working at height. Cherry pickers enable quick and thorough cleaning without ladders, reducing risks and improving accessibility. This method is recommended for commercial properties and residential buildings with complex rooflines or multiple stories, ensuring thorough maintenance.

We can hire cherry pickers for half-day or full-day hire, and these are always provided with the machine plus a qualified operator. Staff will go up on the boom with the operator and use hand tools to clear the gutters. Importantly, in the UK, the policy on working at height is that ladders can be used. Still, consideration should be given to using other safer methods where possible, which is why the following method, in particular, has become very common in the last few years.

Gutter Vacuum Method

The gutter vacuum method offers ground-level cleaning without ladders, reducing safety risks and physical strain. It uses lightweight vacuum equipment attached to telescopic poles to reach and clean gutters effectively. Operators manoeuvre the vacuum head along gutters, using powerful suction to remove debris, leaves, and even water. Debris is deposited into a collection bag or bin, and optional camera attachments allow inspection for blockages and thorough cleaning without extensive setup.

This method benefits residential properties with steep roofs or multiple levels, where ladder use may be impractical. It ensures efficient gutter maintenance while preserving gutter integrity and reducing the risk of damage.

Prevent Clogs And Water Damage

Choosing the right method for gutter cleaning depends on property layout, accessibility, and safety considerations. Regular maintenance prevents clogs and water damage, preserving gutter functionality and enhancing home protection. By selecting an appropriate cleaning method and maintaining a schedule, property owners ensure gutters remain clear and functional and contribute to long-term property preservation.
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